Elecard HEVC Analyzer

compatible with HM14.0

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Elecard HEVC Analyzer is a high-efficiency tool for High-Efficiency Video Encoding/H.265 video analysis.
This product version is not supported anymore. You can purchase it "as is" without support. The latest version is StreamEye 4.0. For upgrade please contact us
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"Elecard Analyzer is second to none in terms of video raw bitstream analyzing, If the bitstream we are dealing with can not be parsed by Elecard, no one can either."

Hank Lee, Senior Engineer
Advantech Co., Ltd

With navigation down to the deepest levels of an encoded stream HEVC Analyzer enables powerful and efficient debug for development of next-generation H.265 video codec. Detailed display of information includes frames types and sizes, coded units data, visualization of slice and tile boundaries, partition, motion vectors, types, bit sizes, quantizers etc along with a quick-to-capture summary of encoded data against the reference raw data.

The must-have tool for video professionals that significantly reduces R&D and QA time in delivering standard compliant encoder.