Elecard iTelec STB 840

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Elecard iTelec STB 840 is the new generation of multifunctional hybrid HD set-top boxes, which support receiving the digital IPTV signal and DVB-C broadcasts.
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The quickly developing digital TV technologies tend to place high requirements on quality and functionality of modern set-top boxes. Elecard iTelec STB 840 has embodied the most advanced features that the current market has to offer:

  • High-Definition TV (HDTV) Playback
  • Over the Top (OTT) Technology Support
  • HLS Adaptive Streaming Support
  • 3D video playback

The innovation behind this set-top box is the unique HomeTV technology specifically designed by Elecard engineers. HomeTV embraces multi-screen and multi-room systems that will let you enjoy your favorite show both on your TV screen and your handheld device anywhere in your house over WiFi.