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Elecard Codec .NET SDK G4

Elecard Codec .NET SDK G4 enables programmers to use Elecard components within the Microsoft® DirectShow® technology for development of multimedia applications on Microsoft .NET Framework.
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Elecard Codec .NET SDK package comprises: codecs, documentation and sample applications. Samples include decoding, encoding and network solutions that demonstrate how to use and configure different Elecard components that come along with SDK, such as Elecard MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVC, HEVC codecs; network components: NWRenderer, NWSource-Plus, and other filters.

Sample Applications

  • HEVC Player - demonstrates usage and adjustment of the Elecard HEVC Video Decoder filter.
  • Simple Player Encoder. Plays media files and represents simple and basic functionality of MPEG player.
  • Simple Encoder. Demonstrates work with Elecard MPEG-2 Video Encoder, Elecard AVC Video Encoder and Elecard MPEG-4 Video Encoder filters and their basic adjustment.
  • Simple Muxer. Demonstrates work with Elecard AVC Video Encoder, Elecard AAC Audio Encoder and Elecard MPEG Multiplexer filters and their main adjustment.
  • NWPlayer. Receives streams from network using Elecard NWSource-Plus filter or Elecard RTSP NetSource filter.
  • NWServer. Broadcasts media data to the network using Elecard NWRenderer Filter. It is capable of sending RTP, UDP, TCP, and supports the announcement of its data session via sending SAP (SDP) packets.

Base Classes

BaseClasses - a class library that conforms to the Microsoft .NET CLS (Common Language Specification) and simplifies common tasks, appearing during development of multimedia applications, such as: graphs building, filters and pins control etc. Base classes are used in SDK sample applications and are delivered in source form.


Elecard Codec .NET SDK documentation consists of the following documents:

  • Elecard Codec .NET SDK Reference Manual
  • Elecard Components Reference Manuals
  • Elecard .NET Base Classes Reference Manuals