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Nikola Tesla Gold medal at the 23rd International Exhibition “ITEX-2012”


A joint project in the sphere of 3DTV presented by MNITI  (Moscow), Triaxes Vision and Elecard (Tomsk) was awarded with the first prize in categoryBest inventionat the International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition ITEX-2012. 

The 23rd International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition- «ITEX-2012» was held from the 15th up to the 24th of May, 2012. The total number of participants reached 1200 companies from different research centers all over the world.

The Russian team showcased their latest solution -The project of Russian joint system of stereoscopic digital TV in 2D/3D DVB-T format. The project is aimed at organizing the next-generation system of three-dimensional television broadcasting in Russia. The main part of the project is a universal format of broadcasting which ensures easy playback of the media content at a wide range of receiving devices (black-and-white TV sets, color TV sets, plasma TVs, LCDs and 3DTV). Thus, Russia may not justenter the era of digital TVbutjump into the third dimension.

Project implementation stages:

1. The first stage of the project was accomplished in 2008 followed by the first demonstration which took place in Kazan in 2009 with the support of the following companies: Center (Kazan), Trinity (Moscow), Samsung (Moscow).

2. The milestone event took place in March 2011 at the exhibition Sviaz-Expocomm in Moscow. The experimental terrestrial DVB-T broadcasting of 2D/3D video was organized at the exhibition stand with the playback of the content at the big screens. The visitors did not have to wear glasses to enjoy the 3D effect.

3. At the 63rd International Trade Fair “Ideas-Inventions-New Products” - IENA 2011 which was held in November (Nuremberg, Germany) the joint project aimed at organizing the system of stereoscopic digital 2D/3D DVB-T was awarded with a diploma and IENA gold medal.

4. At ITEX 2012 the project was recognized as the best invention and awarded with Nikola Tesla gold medal by International Federation of Inventors' Associations.

In the process of implementation of this project a number of patents for particular elements of translation has been received. Next big stage of the project is set to be carried out in 2012-2013.