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Elecard discount program for corporate customers

Since 2005, our company has provided excellent savings and great service to all of our corporate accounts. It is the best way for corporations, government or volume customers to buy software for less and get a special attention from a dedicated key account manager.

We offer two options for high volume purchasers: discounts for <50 licenses orders and cumulative discounts schema for purchases over $5 000.

Option I


Professional Product
Name ProductsRegular
2 - 3
4 - 5
6 - 10
Elecard StreamEye Studio
Elecard Stream Inspector
Elecard HEVC Analyzer


On checkout the system will recalculate your total sum according to the number of licenses purchased.


Option II

IT·S EASY! Click here to apply for fast and easy key account program for our corporate customers. You will get up to 25% discount. First time minimum order is $5,000.00. We will never send you Spam or Junk emails.




The program does not work for commercial redistribution or OEM integration/bundling, it is intended for corporate users for internal use (within the company) and end-using non-commercial purposes (private, household use). If you are OEM/system integrator looking to integrate, bundle the software within your products or system and further sell it or a corporate user going to use Elecard products for profit generating activity, contact our contact our Elecard Sales Department.