Elecard Probo SDK: evaluation and full versions comparison

October 16, 2019
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Elecard Probo SDK is available in two versions: evaluation and full.

The following table describes difference between the versions.

General featuresProbo SDK EvaluationProbo SDK FullProbo Probe Licensed (OEM contract)
API is providedPartiallyFullyFully
HASP protectionNoNoUpon request
HTTPS supportNoNoUpon request
Limitation on the number of streams for analysis10 streams100 streamsBased on license
Operating time limit1 hourNoNo
Concurrent operation of several probesYesYesYes
Video recording by eventNoPartial supportYes
Data garbling1Every 5 minutes1 time per hourNo
ThumbnailsNoLogo on a thumbnailYes
Video freeze detectionNoData garbling: 1 time per hourYes
EPSNRNoData garbling: 1 time per hourYes
SCTE-35NoData garbling: 1 time per hourYes
Closed Captions extractionNoData garbling: 1 time per hourYes


Evaluate Elecard Probo SDK


1 Data garbling – intentional entering of false data in statistics transferred from a probe. It is implemented to limit commercial use of Probo-probe provided in evaluation and R&D SDK versions.


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