Activation of Intel Quick Sync encoding without a DVI port

October 21, 2019
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Activation of Intel Quick Sync encoding without a DVI port available on your platform:

  1. Update BIOS on a Motherboard (for Supermicro it is available here);
  2. Install Windows OS;
  3. Install the drivers except for the Intel HD Graphics Driver;
  4. Create system restore point in Windows so that you can use it to quickly restore your computer to a previous state if something goes wrong;
  5. Set up remote access to the PC via RDP;
  6. Disconnect ASPEED /VGA setting jumper JPG1 to 2-3. Please refer to the Supermicro manual pages 11, 58  for more information; 
  7. Establish an RDP connection and log in to the PC;
  8. Install Intel HD Graphics Drivers (download drivers from Intel website);
  9. Configure the product;
  10. Back up your system to quickly restore your computer to the  previous state in case of abnormal behavior.

Note: It is recommended to access the PC only via RDP.  When IPMI is used, the console does not utilize Intel HD Graphics.
If there is no access to the PC, you should connect VGA output with a jumper, run OS installation, select “Restore the OS” from the restore point (4) and go through steps 5-7. Finally restore the system from Backup (point 10).

Contact Elecard Technical Support for more information.


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