How to trim an MPEG2 stream frame-accurately

September 20, 2019
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How do I trim an MPEG2 stream frame-accurately?


XMuxer Pro allows trimming of MPEG-2 frame-accurately to I-frame. Such trimming requires prior indexation of the stream.

Note: You can index the stream only once and then use this indexed file for further trimmings.

To perform frame-accurate trimming, do the following:

Click the Load button or press and select the required file for editing.

To create an indexed file, click the Index button or press . In the pop-up dialog box click Start and the indexed file will be saved in the current directory. To select another directory, clear Save relative path and click the Path button.

In the Settings tab select Trim Accuracy by Frame.

Select the required stream segment using the Trim slider. Drag the respective flags to set the start and stop positions.

Select the location and name of the output file and click Start.


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