Probo SDK
Scale up your monitoring system

Scale up your monitoring system

Easy embedding of software probes within your encoder/transcoder/muxer or existing Fault Management System

Create your own custom-configured solution

Create your own custom-configured solution

Powerful set of tools and components to build a reliable Fault Management System on your own

QoS measurement

QoS measurement

Measure if the network can provide better service to selected network traffic over various underlying technologies

QoE measurement

QoE measurement

Check how you can tune your streaming to improve the overall acceptability of your service, as perceived subjectively by the end-user

Monitored parameters


  1. Easy integration

    Elecard software probes are designed to be embedded into literally any digital video appliance to collect Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) performance parameters.

  2. Universal solution

    Probes can be installed either in separate segments of the distributed networks, at headend stations and/or within the video encoding, muxing,monitoring, video distribution and network products to gather video specific data for further analysis and statistics display on a customer Fault Management System.

  3. Cross-platform

    Elecard Probo operates under Windows, Windows Server, Linux (Unix), x.86 platform. ARM / DSP / STB upon request.

Basic use cases and associated features

Software and Hardware specifications

Technical Specifications

  • Protocols:
  • UDP, HTTP, HLS; File (TS)
  • Video:
  • MPEG-2, AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265
  • Transport:

System Requirements

  • Probo probe is provided for Intel x86/x64 for the following OS:
  • Windows XP SP3 and higher
  • Linux libc 2.11 and higher


Network traffic

  • Outgoing from Probo to server:
  • Within the range 10-100 Kb/s per one analyzed stream
  • Incoming to Probo from server:
  • Approximately equal to 10-20 Kb/s per probe.


Buy & Download

Probo SDK

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Software probes in the SDK are intended for R&D purposes only.
See the difference between Evaluation and Full versions

When the R&D phase is finished and the product is ready for commercial use and/or distribution of Elecard components within your product, you should contact Elecard Sales Department to purchase the commercial license.
Contact Elecard Sales Department.

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News & Events

Elecard welcomes you to try Probo SDK with a unique software-based monitoring technology that might be implemented at any system or become a foundation for a new one.

07 December 2017 News

Test the new versions of Elecard most recognized analyzing tools and find out how to create your own QoS/QoE monitoring solution using brand new Elecard Probo SDK at IBC 2017.

11 August 2017 Events