Affiliate program

Affiliate program

Joining our pay-per-sale affiliate program is fast and easy. As an affiliate member you can earn a commission of 20% (negotiable for strong affiliates) on each sale by advertising our software products.

How Does It Work?

We have set up our pay-per-sale affiliate network with ShareIt! You promote our program through banners, buttons or text links, and the Affiliate Management system keeps track of the users you send to our site who download the software. Then, when they buy the program, you get paid, even if they buy the program 6 months later.

How to get started

  1. To get started, simply click here to sign up.
  2. Signing up is easy and free. ShareIt! will send you a check every month.
  3. Create your own page with information and affiliate links so that customers can buy software through your affiliate account.
    The buy now links should look like this: where XXXXXXXX is a product ID and YYYYYYYYY is your affiliate id In order to place the cookie, the following link must be placed on your website: Where yyyyy is your affiliate ID.


  4. If you are able to host the evaluation version on your server, we can provide a "custom build" of the evaluation version which does not rely on cookies to ensure that you get your commission. With the custom build, when the user clicks the "Buy Now" button in the product he/she is taken directly to the ShareIt order page with your affiliate code embedded in the URL. If you are interested in a custom build, please click here and send us an email giving your ShareIt affiliate code and the email address to which we should send your custom build file. You may also create your own custom build going through these simple steps:
    • Download our product file (for example,,
    • Unzip it
    • Change digits after "_" into your own affiliate number (e.g. if you are affiliate 1234 you would change _XXX.exe to _1234.exe) Elecard MPEG Player 4.5.70307_XXX.exe,
    • Host the result on your site. The affiliate number from the installer file name becomes embedded in the BuyNow links.