Elecard announces a release of Video Quality Estimator v.4.0

September 21, 2017News

Elecard’s commitment to constant improvement in quality analysis resulted in release of a new version of Video Quality Estimator. Version 4.0 delivers its owners 3 major advantages making them better equipped for video compression analysis:

   1.    Better codec development and testing experience

Video Quality Estimator extended functionality makes it possible to work with 3 files simultaneously: two encoded and one raw. It is essential for better codec development experience and advanced comparison of the encoding streams to help developers in making well-informed decisions. Bit allocation display and streams’ comparison based on a wide variety of parameters will also make testing more informative and visually compelling.

   2.    More options for graphic representation of the calculated results

In addition to accurate measurement of the quality metrics the new version allows building graphs based on quality metrics with navigation and positioning enabled. Extended capabilities for statistics display also include visualization of frames sizes, stream bitrate and quantizers.

   3.    Usability

A new version is powered with a customizable user interface with easily configured layouts, which allow choosing the information and statistics to be displayed. Also to satisfy more diverse customer requirements we added console version and Mac OS support is coming soon.

Find the detailed information on the implemented changes here.

Evaluate a new version of Elecard Video Quality Estimator

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