Elecard turned 30

25 April 2018News

We are 30.

Usually on such a day you recall all events that brought the company to the current success, but we want to give all credits to the people who made such success possible. We appreciate input of all Elecarders: those who has been working for the company for decades and still contributing, guys who pioneered the company and then started new businesses,  professionals who have opened for themselves new countries and continents but keep following our news and encouraging alma-mater Elecard. 

Special thanks today to all partners and customers: those we’ve recently met and those we’ve been friends for years. We treasure our relations and try to be by your side any time you need us no matter where: Russia, Germany, USA, Japan, Italy, China, Anguilla islands, Antigua and Barbuda.

Happy Birthday colleagues!

Last news

Try new version 4.1 of Elecard Stream Analyzer which supports new formats and unlocks a new level of team communication

April 10, 2018News

Elecard in cooperation with Supermicro and QuipPro has deployed a project enabling satellite broadcasting of more than 2 300 channels in 16 regions for one of the biggest Kazakhstan telco companies – Almatel Kazakhstan, operating under the brand name Alma TV, which audience covers more than half a million users.

March 30, 2018News