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New Ideas

Elecard is always looking into new possibilities and searching for original ways to implement high quality solutions for multimedia market. Creative ideas based on a solid understanding of technology is our formula for success. In 2004 jointly with the Russian Academy of Sciences Elecard established the Research Laboratory of Image Processing Automatization. The primary areas of research are digital television, multimedia, video surveillance, embedded systems and other related fields. Currently 15 interns are improving their skills being led by Elecard senior engineers and project managers, but we are looking for more talents! If you are a multimedia programming enthusiast searching for support and assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.


The project has given birth to two products thus far:

Stream Trimmer

Stream Trimmer is designed to trim portions of a predefined size or duration from an MPEG-2 file. Simple interface and straightforward logic add value to this handy tool for video editors.

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Image rendering tool BMP2AVI

BMP2AVI is designed to convert any bmp-file into a video stream with specified frame rate. If you need to seamlessly insert still images into your video stream you should try this video editing tool.

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A program was designed to provide streaming of live video from any number of web cameras simultaneously. It enables the user to stream video from Desktop (The camera connected to PC via USB) and IP (The camera available o the net over IP) cameras in MPEG4 format with varying resolutions, bitrates, and framerates. There are independent control tools for IP or Desktop cameras.

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HEVC Player

Elecard HEVC Player Sample — is a freeware product developed by Elecard that makes it possible to playback streams encoded in the newest HEVC/H.265 format (based on HM 10.0).

Video (HEVC/H.265) and audio (MPEG, AAC) decoding is performed by the Elecard in-house components based on the DirectShow technology.

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