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  • VB .NET — programming language.
  • Via Licensing Corp — An independent subsidiary of Dolby Laboratories, enabling users to acquire worldwide patent rights necessary for a particular technology standard or platform from multiple patent holders in a single transaction as an alternative to negotiating separate licenses. Any use of video or software other that consumer personal use in any manner that complies with the MPEG-2 AAC, MPEG-4 Audio or AVC Video standard is expressly prohibited without a license under applicable patents in the MPEG-2 AAC, MPEG-4 Audio or AVC Video patent portfolio, which license is available from Via Licensing Corporation. Additional information may be obtained from Via Licensing Corp. See http://www.vialicensing.com.
  • VOB Files — All DVD movies are stored in so-called VOB files. VOB files usually contain multiplexed Dolby Digital or MPEG Audio and MPEG-2 video.
  • VOD — Video on demand (VOD) systems allow users to select and watch video content over a network as part of an interactive television system. VOD systems either "stream" content, allowing viewing while the video is being downloaded, or "download" it in which the program is brought in its entirety to a set-top box before viewing starts.
  • VQM — Video Quality Metric.