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  • Intel — Intel Corporation founded in 1968 as Integrated Electronics Corporation, is a U.S.-based multinational corporation that is best known for designing and manufacturing microprocessors and specialized integrated circuits. Intel also makes network cards, motherboard chipsets, components, and other devices. Intel has advanced research projects in all aspects of semiconductor manufacturing, including MEMS.
  • Inter prediction — the process of predicting blocks of pixels based on temporal dependency between two or more frames. Also referred to as Temporal prediction
  • Interlaced — Interlaced is a video storage mode. An interlaced video stream doesn't contain frames (pictures as we know them) but fields with each field containing half of the lines of one frame (all even or all odd lines).
  • Intra prediction — the process of predicting blocks of pixels based on spatial dependency (i.e. within the frame). Also referred to as Spatial prediction.
  • iPod — an Apple's a brand of portable media players.
  • ISMA — Internet Streaming Media Alliance - Group promoting the use of RTSP, RTP, and a subset of the MPEG-4 specification.
  • ISO — International Organization for Standardization, also provides publicly available MPEG standard documents, reference software and conformance streams for free.