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  • D1 — 720x576 (PAL-based), 704x480 (NTSC-based)TV video resolution). Subsets of D1 are CIF (352x240 and 352x288 respecrively) and QCIF (176x120 and 176x144 respectively).
  • Deinterlace — The process of converting a progressive video stream out of an interlaced one is called deinterlacing.
  • Demultiplexing — The opposite of multiplexing. In this process a combined audio/video stream will be separated into the number of streams it consists of.
  • DirectShow® — Microsoft® DirectShow® is an architecture for streaming media on the Microsoft Windows® platform.
  • DirectX — Microsoft® DirectX® is a set of low-level application programming interfaces (APIs) for creating games and other high-performance multimedia applications. It includes support for two-dimensional (2-D) and three-dimensional (3-D) graphics, sound effects and music, input devices, and networked applications such as multiplayer games.
  • DSP — Digital Signal Processor.
  • DTV — Digital Television. DTV can be used to carry more channels in the same bandwidth than analog TV (6 MHz or 7 MHz in Europe) and to receive high-definition TV program.
  • DVR — Digital Video Recorder.
  • DXVA — Microsoft DirectX Video Acceleration. DXVA is a specification for hardware acceleration of digital video decoding processing.