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Enabled Applications

Elecard is uniquely positioned to supply its video CODECs bundled in a variety of products - enabling its OEM customers to incorporate the Elecard CODEC software into a large number of products and market segments, including:


Elecard decoders and encoders enable high quality broadcast products by means of their superior core technology. Elecard supplies the following solutions for the digital broadcasting market:

  • Real-time MPEG-2 Encoders 
    Elecard’s MPEG-2 encoders enable very high quality at extremely low bit rates - as low as 2Mbps for Full D1 resolution. Elecard’s encoder implementations also support higher resolutions up to full HDTV 1920*1080.

  • Real-time H.264 Encoders
    Good broadcast quality at bitrates below 2Mbps.

  • Transrating/Transcoding
    Elecard’s solutions enable MPEG-2 transrating (receive high bit rates, and generate low bit rates) and real-time transcoding from MPEG-2 to H.264, both of which are utilized for the efficient use of the broadcast resources. These low bit rate solutions can be used for any broadcast technology including Satellite, Cable, xDSL, DTT, and wireless.



Elecard provides professionals with the ability to have real-time HDTV (720p@30Hz) decoding on a single, standard PC, for H.264, at bit rates up to 20Mbps.
The simplicity of encoding full D1 in real-time at the highest quality enables each professional to have the most convenient editing solution.


Video Servers

Real-time encoding, according to the required bit rate enables saving of content, and production of video streams at the required bit rate.



Personal Media Centers

Elecard decoders and encoders make it possible for you to decode or encode video content on your PC - from any source and according to any standard.
In addition, Elecard’s low bit rate encoding solutions enable each PC to be used as a PVR with the most efficient disc usage. Since the entire solution is software based, Elecard enables each personal media center to also be a sophisticated editing center.


Consumer Electronics

Elecard’s technology provides high quality decoding and encoding on low cost DSPs. This enables the use of these solutions in consumer electronics including:
  • Digital TVs (including HDTV)

  • STBs (Set Top Boxes), mainly IP-STBs by enabling multi-format decoding that is critical for this market

  • PVR (Personal Video Recorders) and DVR (Digital Video Recorders)

  • DVD Recorders

  • Cellular phones/PDAs

  • Multi-format video camcorders that can be connected to memory/DVD-RW in addition to miniDV tapes

  • Video phone/Video conference equipment

  • Home media gateways


Video surveillance and security

Elecard CODECs, including real-time MPEG-2 and H.264 encoders and decoders on both PC and DSP, are successfully utilized by OEMs developing products for the video surveillance and security market.

  • Elecard CODECs for security solutions support real time encoding for all resolutions on the PC platform and D1, dual half D1, or 4 CIF resolutions on DSP. Low frame rates and intra-only encoding are also supported.

  • Elecard CODECs can be used in IP cameras (video to Ethernet), video encoding servers, and security monitoring and control systems (PC-based).

  • Efficient decoder implementation allows playback of several streams in parallel.