Elecard products correspondence to technical support plans

Support Program PlansProduct

Support services are provided for free and include the basic usage questions.

Consumer products

  • Elecard Format Analyzer
  • Elecard ScreenTwin
Standard Consumer products
  • Elecard MPEG Player
  • Elecard MPEG-2 PlugIn for WMP
  • Elecard AVC PlugIn for WMP
  • Elecard AVC PlugIn for ProgDVB
  • Elecard Converter Studio
  • Elecard Converter Studio AVC HD Edition
  • Elecard HEVC PlugIn
  • Elecard HEVC Codec SDK*
  • Elecard Codec SDK G4*
  • Elecard Codec SDK G4 Linux*
  • Elecard Codec .NET SDK G4*
  • Elecard XMuxer SRD*
  • Elecard IPTV Player SRD*
    Professional products
    • Elecard Converter Studio Pro
    • Elecard StreamEye 4.0
    • Elecard StreamEye Studio 4.0
    • Elecard YUV Viewer
    • Elecard Stream Analyzer
    • Elecard Video Quality Estimator
    • Elecard Stream Inspector
    ExclusiveUpon licensing of the following products additional purchase of the correspondent support plan is required:
    • Elecard CodecWorks Encoder
    • Elecard V-Cinema VoD
    • Elecard V-Cinema SVoD/NVoD
    • Elecard V-Cinema Stream Switcher plus HLS
    • Elecard V-Cinema TimeShift
    • Elecard V-Cinema NPVR
    • Elecard DSP Codec SDK for Nexperia
    • Elecard ARM Codec SDK
    • Elecard Transform SDK
    • Elecard Multistream Player
    • Elecard iTelec STB 840

    *All users of these products are granted with the Standard support plan services for a 1-month period. Additional assistance should be purchased as standard, premium or exclusive support programs.