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How to force the Windows Media Player to use the Elecard filters?
Date updated: May 24 2006
I am having problems forcing elecard decoder to be used with windows media player. When I play a file in the elecard player it plays fine and I have the elecard logo. When I play an MPEG in Windows Media Player I do not have an elecard logo and the performance of whatever other codec is poor as the video jerks on every camera pan. What do I do?
Most probably the WMP uses other filters to playback your files. In general, a media player can use any suitable filters installed; certainly our player "prefers" to use its own filters but because WMP doesn't have its own Video Decoder for MPEG-2 it uses any suitable. How to force the WMP to use the Elecard filters? Unfortunately the only way is to uninstall other filters that WMP uses to playback these files and it'll have to use Elecard filters.
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