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How to trim MPEG stream or MP4 file
Date updated: May 11 2006

Steps you should go through to have your MP4 file trimmed.


XMuxer Pro application allows trimming and saving the selected file segment only.
Please use Remux mode to perform the task.
After the file is successfully loaded, the following input and output panes are displayed:


To cut out the segment of multi-program transport stream, do the following:


Right-click the item Transport stream and select Create Program command in a shortcut menu.

Use Screenshort1-3 button to add streams into the created program.


Right-click the item Transport stream and select the output stream type.

You can select MP4 stream command using the following input stream types only: AVC/H.264 or MPEG-4 video and AAC audio. The restrictions for iPod and PSP compatible files creation are covered later.


Mark the required stream segment using the Trim slider. Drag the respective flag to set the start and stop positions.


Choose the location and name of the output file and click Start Screenshort1-7 .

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