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How to merge several similar files
Date updated: May 03 2007

How do I merge several similar files?


XMuxer Pro allows merging of similar files in the Remux and Demux modes without re‑encoding and quality loss.

In order to merge homogeneous files, create an .xpl file with a list of file paths. Below is the sample of such file (test.xpl):

M:\video\DVD\Perl Harbor\Video_ts\vts_01_1.vob
M:\video\DVD\Perl Harbor\Video_ts\vts_01_2.vob
M:\video\DVD\Perl Harbor\Video_ts\vts_01_3.vob
M:\video\DVD\Perl Harbor\Video_ts\vts_01_4.vob

When you create an .xpl file you can use it in XMuxer Pro in the same manner as a common media file – click the Load button Screenshort1-1 and in the appeared dialog box select the created .xpl file.

Follow the instructions from p.3.3.1 Remultiplexing files.

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