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How to create Transport Stream for ATSC broadcasting
Date updated: May 03 2007

Steps you should go through to create TS for ATSC broadcasting.


To create TS for ATSC broadcasting follow the instructions below:

Perform the steps described in FAQ 79

Set PCR Rate value as 40 milliseconds. To do this, right-click the upper line of the right (output) pane and select the PCR Rate command.



To switch on the Use Padding flag, right-click the upper line of the right (output) pane and select the Use Padding command.


Set the required bitrate by selecting the Desired Bitrate command in the shortcut menu. The bitrate value of the output stream should be at least 5% greater than the sum of the intput streams bitrates. In case the value in the Desired Bitrate is null (0), the value for output bitrate is retrieved from the stream Sequence Header.



As the bitrate value in the Sequence Header can be often different from the real bitrate value, the maximum possible bitrate for the given Profile&Level is automatically set.

Set the required program number. To do this, right-click the Program item and select the Program number command in the shortcut menu.


Set Program ID, Stream PES ID and Stream ID.

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