V-Cinema NVoD

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V-Cinema NVoD software server is a mutifunctional flexible solution for creating offline TV channel distribution networks based on large collections of multimedia files and offering Virtual Movie Theater services with full support of unlimited time zones broadcasting.
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Elecard V-Cinema VoD software solution

The server provides flexible playlist configuration, including file order and individual broadcast time settings for each file, thus eliminating the need for additional content preparation. Broadcasting to several destination addresses in different time zones, enforced with appropriate middleware support, takes the most out of Near Video on Demand (NVoD) service with unlimited and free number of multicast subscribers.

Product highlights

  • Wide choice of interfaces for integration with CA/DRM, Billing and Middleware systems

  • SIGMA iTVWeb Configurator remote control interface for V-Cinema product line

  • Number of simultaneous client requests limited only by server hardware configuration

  • Individual broadcast time setting for each file

  • Configuration of files' order and filelist repetition