V-Cinema Network Personal Video Recorder

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V-Cinema NPVR software solution is a feature-rich server for recording multimedia streams, such as satellite IP broadcast and local network webcam streams received from IP networks. The server has massive opportunities for its integration with a wide range of IPTV software, and recorded media files can later be used for providing Video on Demand and TimeShift services.
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Elecard V-Cinema VoD software solution

The server can be successfully integrated with temporary storage devices to be used for keeping data from surveillance cameras. Support of individual scheduled channel recording makes this server an ideal solution for delivering Network Personal Video Recorder (NPVR) services in IPTV networks.

Product highlights

  • Various interfaces for integration with CA/DRM, billing and middleware systems

  • Sigma iTVWeb Configurator remote control interface for V-Cinema product line

  • Number of simultaneous client requests limited only by server hardware configuration

  • Ability to set up recurring recording of channels

  • Recording and storing of files in VoD server storage