V-Cinema TimeShift

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V-Cinema TimeShift software server is a cutting-edge full-featured solution providing live media content delivery on a completely new scale for subscribers. Now they can watch TV shows pausing and rewinding whenever they want, skipping commercials and unwanted programs just with a push of a button.
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Elecard V-Cinema VoD software solution

Apart from unicast streaming, this solution can be used for creating broadcast schedules in multicast mode for multiple time zones, which allows subscribers all around the world to watch TV channels simultaneously.

Product highlights

  • Wide choice of interfaces for integration with CA/DRM, Billing and Middleware systems

  • SIGMA iTVWeb Configurator remote control interface for V-Cinema product line

  • Number of simultaneous client requests limited only by server hardware configuration

  • Maximum recording duration setting for each channel

  • Initial time setting for subscriber connections

  • Access control to multicast broadcasting sources