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V-Cinema Stream Switcher plus HLS

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Software-based V-Cinema Stream Switcher supporting HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is a perfect solution for building fast and efficient multimedia streaming servers, which receive multicast streams and broadcast them as unicast streams to end-user devices via IP networks.
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V-Cinema Stream Switcher makes it possible to stream live multicast video as unicast over the Internet and networks, where live multicast streams and UDP traffic are not allowed, and where detailed control and subscriber statistics are required.

The server can be efficiently applied for live streaming between two work stations with Internet connection for further content broadcasting to end-users. This cost-effective solution can ultimately replace TV channel transmission through satellites with the image quality solely depending on the network bandwidth.

The HLS support provides adaptive streaming in the networks with unstable bandwidth such as 3G and ensures smooth distribution of the media content of different quality to the users with variable bandwidth. The server can be effectively applied for live distribution of the media content via Internet to different types of end-user devices such as set-top boxes, smartphones or HD displays. This feature enables IPTV-providers to reach a wide range of subscribers which used to be an impossible task due to peculiarities of their Internet connection.