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Consumer devices

The line of consumer devices developed and presented by Elecard features multifunctional hybrid set-top boxes intended for IPTV and DVB reception. Elecard iTelec STBs receive digital signal in MPEG formats (MPEG-2, AVC/H.264) over IP or DVB-T, decode it and display on TV screen. You can choose either SD or HD modification depending on your requirements. Models equipped with DVB-T2, DVB-S or DVB-C tuners are available for order. 

Feature packed and easy to use Elecard iTelec STBs give their user a vast choice of communication and entertainment resources: IPTV and VoD client, media center for music and video playback from a flash drive, IP phone, Internet browsing on a TV, and the list is continuously expanded by our engineers. 

You are welcome to discover for yourself functionality and advantages of hybrid set-top boxes from Elecard, just follow the links below.


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Consumer devices