HDAccess 2

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Elecard HDAccess 2 is a PCI-E board for receiving and transmitting compressed and uncompressed video and audio streams via HD/SD SDI and MPEG-2 TS data via DVB-ASI. The device is developed specifically for realtime HD video processing.
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Product highlights

  • Unique functionality. HDAccess 2 is the only capture card which combines DVB-ASI and SD/HD SDI interfaces operating in Full Duplex mode, thus saving money on hardware units for specific projects.
  • Scalability. LVDS interfaces available on the board make it possible to install additional daughter-boards with up to 12 input or output interfaces.
  • Delivery. The product can be delivered as a ready-to-use board or a reference design, thus optimizing time to market and resource consumption or saving money.
  • Flexibility. The device can be easily tailored to your needs. Color Space Conversion, Scaling, Remultiplexing and the other features are available upon request.
  • Development. New functions are constantly added to HDAccess 2 to meet current and future customer requirements.


  • SDI capturing
  • SDI rendering
  • IPTV and broadcast servers
  • Video stream quality analyzers
  • Linear and Non linear video editing systems
  • IP to DVB and DVB to IP gateway
  • SDI to ASI and ASI to SDI gateway
  • DVB-ASI stream player
  • DVB remultiplexer