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StereoTracer automatically generates high quality multi-view 3D sequence for further lenticular 3D encoding and printing.

Product highlights

  • Depth Map Processing

StereoTracer works with a user drawn-depth map and automatically calculates one or two depth maps from a stereo pair for further 3D sequence rendering.

  • 3D Sequence Rendering

StereoTracer renders multi-view 3D series of frames based on:

  • one 2D picture and user-drawn depth map
  • a stereo pair and an automatically calculated depth map (for one of the frames)
  • a stereo pair and two automatically calculated depth maps (for both frames of a stereo pair). This method provides the best “look behind” effect.
  • Multiple Input Formats

StereoTracer supports stereo photo stored in separate files or in one file (side-by-side).

  • Stereo Camera Compatibility

StereoTracer supports the MPO file format used by the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D and Panasonic cameras.

The program automatically converts stereo MPO files into multi-view stereo sequences for lenticular 3D photo printing.

  • Easy to Learn

Program Wizard as well as intuitive interface help users run the program features step-by-step and get professional results effortlessly. Detailed User Guide describes all options of the software.

  • Auto Adjustment

The auto alignment feature enables the user to obtain a better 3D visualization effect.

  • Flexible Settings

StereoTracer controls parallax and convergence points in the resulting 3D multi-view sequence of frames.

  • Output

StereoTracer output is easily compatible with 3DMasterKit for full-grown lenticular 3D pictures.