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IPTV deployment in Moscow State Theatre

July 22

Elecard and TeleTeS companies successfully deployed IPTV complex in Moscow State Musical Folklore Theatre “Russian Song”

Elecard together with TeleTeS and its partner IT Trade in August 2013 successfully deployed an IPTV system in the modern multifunctional complex of Moscow State Musical Folklore Theatre “Russian Song”.

Elecard V-Cinema Video-on-Demand software servers were installed along with third party’s equipment and integrated with Middleware. Elecard Devices’ engineers proficiently customized the terminals Elecard iTelec STB 830HD to receive and decode streams from IP PTZ cameras Axis (Sweden), and integrated the terminal firmware with the Middleware.

The project deployment provided for a common information space, delivery of images from any kind of video source to multifunctional displays and professional TV panels installed in the concert hall and the theater offices. The Middleware interface offered flexible functionality for services and TV channels management on Elecard  iTelec STB 830HD via EPG terminals, while Elecard V-Cinema product line being a full-featured and reliable set of servers, provided twenty-four-hour streaming of multimedia content on user request.


About TeleTeS

TeleTes is a leading system integrator in Russia working with complex solutions and integrating systems for digital and IP television. TeleTeS provides a wide spectrum of engineering services, including guarantee and post guarantee maintenance, telecommunication equipment installation and tuning, reserve equipment rentals, consultancy and projecting. The headquarters is located in Moscow.


Elena Gitt

E-mail: <sales@teletes.ru>


About Elecard

Elecard is a leading provider of software products for encoding, decoding, processing, receiving and transmission of video and audio data in different formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, MJPEG 2000 and others). Elecard offers both reference design for professional digital TV broadcasting market (such as streaming, transcoding, video-on-demand servers, professional software products, etc.) and digital TV set-top boxes and user's software applications for the average consumer. Elecard has its headquarters in Tomsk (Russia) and subsidiaries in the USA and Vietnam.


Maria Ber

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