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Elecard HEVC Analyzer Becomes More Informative

May 28

Elecard releases an updated version of HEVC Analyzer that brings new features and enhanced performance.

Today, Elecard, a leading developer of codecs for digital video, officially announced the release of the updated version of Elecard HEVC Analyzer v0.101, the video quality analysis tool for HEVC/H.265. The updated version comes with the set of new features that make the program much more informative and easier to use, and brings enhanced overall performance and responsiveness.

Elecard keeps constantly improving the product and thanks to the recent user requests, developers have created and integrated a number of additional features that make it possible to get much more information on the analyzed streams and improve decoding performance. The new features and enhancements include:

    • CTU presenter control – CTU visualization for smooth navigation and detailed information on different CU parameters;
    • CU tree control – CU tree representation of CTU that shows prediction and transform sizes;
    • Prediction control – displaying distribution of the prediction types;
    • CU control – detailed information on motion vector difference and motion vector predictor candidates;
    • Support for Transport and Program Streams (TS/PS);
    • Enhanced visualization;
    • Improved decoding performance.

    To get the updated version of Elecard HEVC Analyzer or find out more about the software, please visit the product page. For more information, please _CLOAKING .