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Video Compression Analysis Tool Made More Powerful

January 30

Elecard releases updated version of Stream Analyzer that comes with the AVC/H.264 Annex G and Annex H extensions support.

Today, Elecard Devices CJSC, a leading developer of codecs and products for digital video, announced the release of Elecard Stream Analyzer v2.2, the updated version of a professional video analysis software tool, designed for comprehensive syntax analysis of encoded media streams. The new version comes with the support for the extended AVC/H.264 format specifications, as well as  an updated engine and many other must-have features.

The support for Annex G (SVC) and Annex H (MVC) extended specifications of the AVC/H.264 format will enable professionals to analyze video streams encoded in the latest formats used in the industry. The updated engine that will be exploited in the latest versions of Elecard Stream Analyzer, Stream Inspector and Buffer Analyzer software products allows for universal video analysis platform that will make the whole process much more comprehensive and interconnected.

The new features also comprise Supplemental Enhancement Information (SEI) message support for all formats, including SVC and MVC, as well as Multi PID Interleaving feature, which makes it possible to compare and analyze multimedia streams from different programs. The new comparison modes include PTS/DTS Dynamics, PCR Dynamics and many others. Why wait, try out the latest version of Elecard Stream Analyzer now!

For more information on Elecard Stream Analyzer, please visit the product page or _CLOAKING .