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Watching Surfing Championship Live in 3D

December 05

Russian Surfing Championship 2012 Successfully Streamed Live in 3D Glasses-free Format

Elecard Group, Triaxes Vision, Sisvel Technology and Telebreeze have announced that they successfully completed 3D glasses-free streaming of the Russian Surfing Championship 2012. The technology developed by the four companies made it possible to deliver live sports event streaming to thousands of viewers all over the world.

The Russian Surfing Championship 2012 gathered the best Russian and Vietnamese athletes that left the whole public in awe and amazement by performing stunning surfing and kitesurfing tricks on the water. The whole event would not have been nearly as amazing and interactive, had it not been for the 3D live Internet streaming brought by Elecard, Sisvel Technology, Triaxes Vision and Telebreeze.

Anyone, who had the high-speed Internet connection and a little bit of spare time during the four days of the Championship, could enjoy the beautiful view of the Vungtau bay beaches, high waves and professional performances of the athletes absolutely for free and without having to get off the couch. The “off-line” audience and judges that were at the beach during the championship also thanked the companies for installing a TV-set that showed the live picture of what was happening on the water, as the athletes were performing pretty far in the ocean.

Making a comment on the successful streaming of the event, Andrey Posdnyakov, Elecard Group President said: “For the first time in the history of the Internet streaming, we have managed to do that using the glasses-free high-quality 3D format. We have made the first step in what's going to be the IT trend for the next couple of years and I can guarantee that this is just the beginning.” Sisvel Technology officials have also expressed their satisfaction with the successful implementation of the 3D live streaming system that was exploited during the championship.

The live streaming was implemented by taking advantage of the 3DZ Tile format that is fully compatible with 2D, 3D, and glasses-free 3D TV sets. This cutting edge format was developed by Sisvel Technology, Triaxes Vision and Elecard. “We have had to solve a number of technical challenges to make live 3 broadcasting and streaming possible. I am really happy with the results that our teams working in Russia, Vietnam, U.S. And Italy have achieved together,” commented Alexey Polyakov, Triaxes Group CEO.

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