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Future TV technologies

October 22

Elecard and Triaxes Vision representatives will speak at the International Conference entitled “Modern Television Technologies. State and Development"

Elecard and Triaxes Vision are inviting you to visit the 6th International Scientific and Technological Conference entitled “Modern Television Technologies. State and Development", which will take place on October 24-25 in Moscow, Russia. The conference organized by MNITI will include invited talks on modern television problems and the newest technological solutions from Elecard and Triaxes Vision leading experts.

Andrey Posdnyakov, President of Elecard Group, will give a talk on “HEVC: The New Video Compression Standard”. The final version of this most advanced video compression standard is due January, 2013 and is expected to trigger a large-scale transition to Ultra High-Definition (UHD) systems. Andrey Posdnyakov is going to speak about the newest solutions from Elecard developers that will help create a universal 4K UHD HEVC live encoder.

Alexey Polyakop, Triaxes Group CEO, will be speaking on “3D/2D Universal Broadcasting Format”. 3DZ Tile format is a great solution for both regular 3D TV as well as the newest glasses-free 3D TV, and is also back-compatible with 2D TV. This format is ideal for universal 3D channel broadcasting, based on the existing standards and current equipment.

Konstantin Belyakov, VP of Strategic Development and External Affairs for Elecard Group, will  talk on “Development and commercialization of DVB-T2 format”. In his speech Mr. Belyakov will go over the necessity of solving problems related to media data identification at the current stage of the info-comunication network development. He will also tell about the successful implementation of an authorization center as part of an information-management system.

Also, during the conference, visitors will have a chance to visit an exhibition, where MNITI and the conference partner JC Group will present a new universal 3D solution that takes advantage of Elecard's and Triaxes Vision's in-house developments. Elecard will also demonstrate an advanced ultra-low delay video decoding system, developed specifically for unmanned aerial drones.

To find out more about the upcoming event and/or arrange a meeting with Elecard and Triaxes Vision representatives, please _CLOAKING .