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Multi-Bitrate Encoding Implemented in Elecard CodecWorks Encoder v4.1

December 09

Elecard releases CodecWorks Encoder v4.1, a real-time software encoding solution to build highly-efficient and flexible AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2 encoding/transcoding servers

Elecard Devices CJSC, a leading developer of codecs and products for digital video, announced the release of Elecard CodecWorks Encoder v4.1, a highly-efficient and flexible software encoding solution for Telco, IP and HFC operators to build real-time AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2 encoding/transcoding servers.

The new version of CodecWorks Encoder sports a brand new intuitive user interface that significantly simplifies server management, while offering complete and precise control over all the settings and features of the solution. Elecard CodecWorks Encoder v4.1 can be used as part of the adaptive bitrate streaming system that provides the client with the best possible bitrate of the streamed media by automatically adapting to the bandwidth. Limitations on filter graph configuration have been completely done away with in the new version, making it possible to load virtually any DirectShow graph.

All these new features, including flexible control and monitoring over HTTP, SNMP and command line to ensure that what is encoded is what is experienced, coupled with support for a larger number of input interface cards, make CodecWorks Encoder an ideal solution for building world-class digital TV head-end systems at a competitive price.

For more information please visit the product's page.