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Elecard's Glasses-free 3D Solution Sets Pace for Advertising Business in Vietnam

Elecard and ISD have demonstrated live glasses-free 3D solution that attracted many advertising agencies and system integrators in Southeast Asia.

TOMSK, RUSSIA – HANOI, VIETNAM – July 20, 2012 – Today, Elecard Devices CJSC, a leading developer of video codecs and products for digital video, and ISD JSC, a regional system integrator and Elecard's official partner in Southeast Asia,  have announced  successful presentation of the new glasses-free 3D solution, which offers live stereoscopic experience, based on Elecard CodecWorks, V-Cinema and Converter Studio products as well as Triaxes 3D stereoscopic technologies.

As part of the ceremony dedicated to the opening of ISD's subsidiary office in Hanoi, Vietnam, which was attended by some 80-100 representatives of both local and foreign system integrators and advertising companies, Elecard presented a live stereoscopic demonstration of the newest glasses-free 3D solution currently promoted on the Southeast Asia market. The auditorium was impressed with the live 3D picture that played on a widescreen panel and could be watched without special stereoscopic glasses. The advertising companies took great interest in the demonstrated solution thanks to the immense potential of that technology for the advertising market.

“That is a vivid example of a successful partnership between Russian and Vietnamese businesses  in electronic advertising, one of the most highly technological and rapidly growing media market branches,” said Fedor Bushlanov, Chief Business Development Officer in Southeast Asia for Elecard Devices CJSC. “I am confident that the cooperation that we are developing with our Vietnamese partners will benefit not only our two companies, but, most importantly, the entire industry that we serve.”

The presented glasses-free stereoscopic solution includes several wide screen panels coupled with a set-top box that allows live 3D streaming, remote content updating, and schedule editing. It can be installed in halls, lobbies, walkways and other public places and can be watched without special anaglyph stereoscopic glasses. This opens up entirely new horizons for the advertising agencies that can use it as an efficient tool for attracting different kinds of potential customers for the products and services advertised. The 'presence effect' created with the 3D picture and special glasses-free solution developed by Elecard and Triaxes is taking advertising, as we know it today, to a completely new level, leaving 2D advertising behind a door closed shut.


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