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Glasses-free Demo Zone Opens in Vietnam

A “Glasses-free 3D TV” demo zone will open in Vietnam's capital Hanoi on June 20th, 2012. Visitors will have the opportunity to a demonstration of off-line pre-prepared 3D broadcasting as well as a live auto-stereo broadcast from a stereo camera to a high-end, 55-inch glasses-free 3D display. The presentation has been organized by the ISD Company – one of the leading system integrators in Vietnam – in cooperation with Elecard Group – the world’s leading developer of high-quality video compression technologies plus Triaxes Vision – a foremost developer of 3D Stereoscopic Multimedia Technologies. The Triaxes Vision NetJet solution will enable the live conversion of a two image stereo pair into a multi-view format for glassless 3D viewing. The whole process of “creating, transmitting, receiving and watching a 3D image” will be accomplished within the universal “2D+Depth” standard compatible with the conventional digital TV format.


Visitors will witness a spectacular 3D-effect on a huge 55-inch 3D display in real-time mode and see the unique features of live auto-stereo 3D. This technology offers infinite possibilities for advertising companies, video content producers, exhibition centers, art galleries, malls and show rooms in real-estate agencies to expand their business. Visual advantages of the 3D effect are obvious – a commercial video shown in 3D and without glasses will make an indelible impression on spectators leaving behind its “flat” competitors.

Elecard will also show its innovative IPTV-solution for service organization in the sphere of digital TV-broadcasting. Its new components based on adaptive broadcasting support provide content encoding and transmission in various formats, resolutions and bitrates. The visitors will also be able to familiarize themselves with the Telebreeze service intended for those wanting to organize their own IPTV Service Provider business. Telebreeze guarantees quick and convenient access to TV-channels via the Internet  and also channel delivery to any device across a wide range of network bandwidths.

Representatives from the TV broadcasting, trade, hotel and exhibition business, are expected at the launch event where they will be invited to judge the solutions for themselves. The organization of the 3D broadcasting demo zone is a unique event and a giant step forward that will put Vietnam in a strong position to implement high-end technologies in today’s business.

To register for attending the event send a request to _CLOAKING or   _CLOAKING .

About Integrated Solutions Development (ISD)

ISD – a system integrator specializing in complex solution development for superior real estate items, hospitals, schools, hotels and hostels as well as entertaining institutions. The company's sphere of activity includes organization of IPTV and 3D broadcasting systems, wireless and energy saving systems as well as control and security systems.

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About Elecard

Elecard – a leading provider of software products for encoding, decoding, processing, receiving and transmission of video and audio data in different formats, a developer and vendor of one of the most innovative set-top boxes. The company also offers basic technical and ready-made solutions for the profession market of digital television broadcasting including streaming, transcoding and video-on-demand servers. For more information, please, visit www.elecard.com.

About Triaxes Vision

Triaxes – a developer of technologies, software and hardware for stereoscopic visualization of photo and video images. The company is famous around the world for its software products such as StereoTracer™ and 3DMasterKit™ for 3D photo creating and printing. New products of the company allow to organize and broadcast 3D video for watching on glasses-free 3D displays in real time. Triaxes provides the equipment and installation of the stereoscopic systems for watching 3D video on glasses-free displays that can be useful when holding conferences, showing advertising, educational and other video materials. See company websites www.triaxes.tv, www.triaxes.com.