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July 24

Elecard releases Elecard Codec .NET SDK G4 v.1.1

The updated version of Elecard Codec .NET SDK G4 v.1.1 (software development kit for programmers) is available now
July 22

Elecard presents X-Works Stream Switcher 2.0

Unique X-Works Stream Switcher 2.0 design makes it a very easy and perfect solution for broadcasting video in 3GP format to mobile devices
July 18

Elecard MPEG Player v.5.3 update

A long-awaited feature of Closed Captions (CC) support in H.264/AVC is now implemented and available in MPEG Player v.5.3
July 17

Elecard anounces release of a renewal version of Elecard Converter Studio product line

Elecard Converter Studio 3.0 - a new powerful version of a popular software application product line. All components included into the program package are replaced with G4 versions. And now it is FLV compatible with most Flash players
July 08

New version of Elecard Codec SDK G4 v 1.0.3

Elecard offers an updated version of Elecard Codec SDK G4 v1.0.3
July 01

Elecard presents iTelec STB820

iTelec STB820 is a new reference-design of Set-Top-Box with many unique features