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Verimatrix is one of the fastest growing digital security companies on the planet. Explosive growth in broadband networking has required advanced security technology and services. The company is dedicated to ingenuity and customer satisfaction and does everything to secure their costumers’ data.



SecureMedia is the world’s most experienced provider of proven open platform content protection software for the delivery of video-on-demand, IPTV, multimedia, music and other digital content over cable, satellite and broadband IP networks. Winner of the industry’s two highest awards for best content protection; the IPTV World Series Award and the TelcoTV Visions Award, SecureMedia enables “Entertainment Everywhere!™” by delivering innovative digital media content security solutions including the popular Encryptonite ONE™ System CA/DRM software suite, the eONE™ Virtual Set Top Box for PC and MAC, the eONE™ PC Media Player and comprehensive software developer kits for IP-supported devices.