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About Tomsk

The Tomsk region is situated in the South-East of the Russian Federation, between the Urals and the Far East. The city of Tomsk - its center has a population of about 500,000 inhabitants. Since its foundation in 1604, Tomsk has become one of the main educational, scientific, cultural and industrial centers of Siberia. The first Siberian university was established in Tomsk in 1880.

Today, Tomsk has 7 local universities and many branches of Russian and foreign institutes and universities. Tomsk State University, Tomsk Polytechnic University and the Siberian Medical University are very famous throughout Russia. The scientific potential of the city is represented by 47 scientific institutions - among them 9 research, engineering and design institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 5 institutes of the Russian Medical Academy, 20 organizations focused on industrial science, and 11 research institutes which are closely linked to the Universities in Tomsk.

The primary focus of regional industry is in the following areas: oil, gas, wood processing, instrument and machine building, metal processing, power engineering, electrical engineering, and food processing. Tomsk is also a city of culture and is home to a variety of theatres. Tomsk, having lived through good times and bad times, has seen changes in the style of its architecture, the character of its business life and the faces of its citizens. Today, Tomsk is a vibrant and growing city, looking forward with great anticipation to the future.

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